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< Features >


Suitable for use in Children Wears, Sleeve, Headwear, Socks, Badges, Blinds, Table Cloth, Emblems, Colour Testing and so on

Build-in heater with upper heat plate, which made by aluminum alloy, with excellent conduction function; Teflon is added to prevent residue left on the area

Heating element is made stainless steel to achieve even temperature and stable time control

High Temperature Silicone Padding increases elasticity of the lower heat plate

The size of the lower heat plate can be tailor-made according to different kind of fabric


 < Directions for Use >


       1.       Connect to the required power (Pressure: 1-5KG/cm2).

2.       Power is connected, then press the "Power" switch of the upper & lower plate and the "Heater Pilot Lamp" will on.

3.       The "Temperature Control" sets your ideal temperature (0o - 399oC) for the upper & lower plate, and warms them to the required temperature.

4.       "Timer" sets the suitable pressing time for different fabric (0-60 sec). 

5.       Place the fabric to a suitable position on the Left and Right Extendable Plates.  

6.       If machine in "Manual" mode, pull the Left and Right Extendable Plates towards centre, then press the "Pressure" button.  The upper heat plate descends and increases pressure till the set time lapse.  

7.       If machine in "Auto" mode, pull the Left and Right Extendable Plates towards the centre and just between the upper and lower heat plates.  The upper heat plate descends automatically and increases pressure.  After pressing time, the heat plate ascends automatically.

8.       In case of emergency, push the "Emergency" button.


< Specifications >

 Working Size

 1200 x 820 mm


 Upper Plate: 12kw;    Lower Plate 12kw


380V/ 3Ph 


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